Montana Tent: The King of All Tents

A tent is the most essential equipment one needs while camping outdoor. Tents can be made of different types of materials. Among all, canvas is the most extensively used material. It is a tightly woven fabric which gives better strength and durability to the tents. Montana Canvas is the most popular type of canvas tent used. It is so popular because of its longer endurance in any type of adverse weather condition. This type of tent can be used all through the 4 seasons.

A Montana tent is basically a traditional canvas tent with some better features. Firstly it is lighter in weight than any other canvas tent. The basic features of this Montana type include the following. The tents have extra canvas layers on the ridge. Each ridge has ridge hole of 6 inches diameter that holds lodge pole for support. All the walls of the tent are 5 feet in height. The tent roof is made of canvas that is 10 oz. treated. Such a roof helps in building up moisture inside the tent. It also provides the protection needed to use a stove inside the tent.

The floors of Montana canvas tent are made of white vinyl material. And the walls are made of a material called ‘Relite’ that gives out more protection. It is a polyester based fabric. Being extremely eco-friendly, the fabric has the least impact on the environment while camping. It is very much light weighted, pliable and soft. Over all, the Montana type canvas tent has higher resistance towards any destructive factor than any other tent. The material combination has the best specifications one can look for in a tent. Summarizing these entire factors make this type of tent the most popular choice among the people. When cleaning the tent is concerned, the Montana gives no trouble to its users. It is absolutely very easy to clean this particular type of tent. Generally, a paraffin water treatment is required to clean it. It gives a wax like effect on it.

The capacities of a Montana tent varies from 4-8 people or sometimes even more. The interior of the tent is designed in a very organized way. The inside has a cabin like structure with many spacious rooms. The windows have specially angled designs to keep the rain or snow at bay even after being opened. There is a facility of multiple electric ports to access the electrical gadgets at any point of time.

The tent certainly gives a homely feeling even outside a home. In short Montana canvas tent is the best option for family camps, range or forest camp trips, scout camp trips and many more! Rising up the tent and fixing it is also very easy. The snag free poles are needed to be fed only one time to make the tent stand strong. It has all the provisions to keep away any kind of weather problems. One can certainly experience the most fascinating and comfortable camping inside such a tent.

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