The Top Destinations for 2013: An Analysis of the Hottest Hot Lists

Wondering where to go in 2013? The major travel publications have made their annual predictions of what will be popular and they each have their own, vastly different ideas of where the jetset will be hanging out this year. Lets take a look at the hot lists from the New York Times, NatGeo Traveler,  Conde Nast Traveller (thats the British edition, the US one doesnt do a list like this) and Travel and Leisure and see which destinations they actually agreed upon.

Marseille, France: This is the French port city is the clear winner as its on all four lists. Thats not too surprising because its a 2013 European Capital of Culture. But what is almost shocking is that the other 2013 European Capital of Culture, Kosice, Slovakia, is not on any of the lists! The guide books used to describe Marseille as gritty, and now all of these lists are touting its contemporary art spaces and concert halls. It would be the perfect stop in a Paris—Cote DAzur vacation.

Amsterdam: When you see a perennial favorite like Amsterdam on three out of four lists, you have to wonder why. The answer is simple: the Rijksmuseum is reopening after 10 years. Now I dont think that this museum being closed was deterring people form visiting one of Europes most popular destinations, but this is as excellent excuse for people to revisit the city.

Philippines: Three out of four lists also chose the Philippines. For years, it wasnt safe to visit. But it is now and this untouched tropical paradise is waiting for those who dont mind a really long plane ride.

Charlevoix, Quebec: Whenever I read about far-flung ski resorts (like CNTs pick of Kashmir, which isnt really a resort but for heli-skiing), they sound amazing but I know Ill never get there. But I love that the reason why Charlevoix de Massif in Quebec made it on the NYT and T&L lists is because the Cirque de Soleil found just completed an 87-mile train track from Quebec City to the resort. Its probably extremely cold, which is a bit of a bummer.

The Dont Bother award goes to Reunion, a French department in the Indian Ocean. T&L chose this one, and while it looks lovely, theres a serious problem. You travel all that way, come home and try to brag about it and everyone will just think that you went to your college reunion or your high school reunion. Just go to nearby Mauritius instead.

Travelogged.com has a tradition of examining the experts predictions of what will be that years top destinations. Check out the analysis of the 2012 hot destinations list here. In 2011, we asked the bloggers what they thought would be the hottest destinations of 2011. In 2010, the analysis focused on Conde Nast Travelers 2010 It List but the 2009 top travel lists analysis included many different publications.

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