Slideshow: Driving Through the Scottish Highlands

When you drive through the Scottish Highlands, you want to stop constantly and take photos. The problem, of course, is that photos cant really re-create the feeling of being surrounded by the magnificent scenery.

But that doesnt mean that you wont feel the compulsive need to capture the amazing views. And now that Im revisiting my Scotland photos over two years later, Im glad that I kept making my husband pull over the car and brave enormous mosquitoes.

We drove from St. Andrews to Ballachulish, a town (if you can call it that) that I had chosen in advance somewhat randomly as a good stopping point. We stayed at the Loch Leven Hotel, while its not particularly fancy it has a great lakeside location if you want to be in the middle of the countryside. There was nothing to do but look at the view, or stroll to the bridge to look at the view from there. But that was OK as we reached there just in time for dinner. Then we left the next morning to detour to the Glenfinnian monument and viaduct on our way to Glasgow.

Photos of the magnificent Scottish Highlands dont need any help from Color Splash, even if Mother Nature sometimes grays out the sky. The weather changes constantly — it can go from blue skies to rain to a rainbow in under an hour.

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