Majorca is a Corker for Water

Majorca beach

Majorca is a wonderful holiday destination for people of all ages, but it’s particularly ideal for children and families. This is thanks to the many water parks that dot its landscape, providing hours of fun in the sun without needing to be on an actual beach. These water parks provide water slides, shallow pools, and plenty more for children to do while parents rest poolside. Lifeguards are available at each to ensure your children’s safety. Visit these water parks to experience Majorca’s best fun in the sun. If a

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Pic of the Week: Krakow, Poland

This little creature made Niki smile on her very first solo trip.

The Pic of the Week is drawn from photos submitted to the Solo Travel Society Facebook Group, providing an opportunity for solo travelers to share with us a favorite photo from their travels.

This week’s pic from Solo Travel Society member Niki was taken in Krakow, Poland.


Photo Diary: A Morning in the Amazon

The fourth day of our Great Amazon Voyage presented a special treat: a visit to the largest reserve in Peru. Compared to the Amazon River basin closer to the city of Iquitos, the difference in wildlife and trees found in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve was considerable. Thicker trees and of more variety. Dozens of bird species popping up at a moment’s notice. More mammals and fewer humans.

Spend the morning in the reserve with us during this slideshow diary.


Slovenia by Train: Exploring Top Cities to Visit

Many travelers agree that Western Europe is pretty familiar and comfortable, and these individuals are probably in the midst of booking their flights to Paris or Rome, nothing wrong with that…but this Spring, why not be a little more daring? Why not travel to Slovenia and experience all this hidden treasure has to offer. You will be surprised and will find yourself falling in love with the country…after all, LOVE is right in its name!

The great thing about Slovenia is that it has such a variety of culture and tradition to experience. From regions that are comparable to Venice, to the Alps (where you’ll feel like youve arrived in Switzerland!). When you visit Slovenia, you’re visiting a very unique destination where the people are more than welcoming and the atmosphere is inviting. Plus, many Slovenes speak English, so the fear of a language barrier should not discourage you!

Have we sparked your interest? Great! Let’s help you with some things to see and do as you explore Slovenia by train. Enjoy our

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Well, in this case, it didnt really give me lemons just tons and tons of snow. Enough snow that my flight to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo, starting this weekend, was grounded.

Its OK. I am heading out at the crack of dawn a day later than I planned and arrive just in time for all the festivities, but for a moment I worried because sudden changes in plans can do that to a person and because I am already all worked up over my presentation at the conference (read more here).

To watch the news last night, one would have thought the Hercules snowstorm was going to bring chaos and damage unlike weve ever seen before.

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Palms Casino springs back to life with major revamp

The new Ghostbar is just part of a $50 million renovation that’s been going on at the Palms, revamping a casino that has hosted MTV reality shows and Hugh Hefner.

Once a trendsetter in a city where that means everything, the Palms had grown a little stale, mired in debt. Some thought it wouldn’t survive the economic crash. But investment bankers from Texas and Los Angeles took over as majority owners under a company named F.P. Holdings, LP. Sacramento Kings owner George Maloof dropped to a 2 percent interest, although his name remains on the sign, and he has maintained a seat on the board with a 10-year management contract. The new ownership restructured more than $400 million in debt, opening the way for the renovations. The Palms, once again, is showing signs of life.

Here are five things that have happened in the past year, giving you a reason to revisit the Palms:

New rooms

New rooms in the original ivory tower literally have bedroom eyes. The eye murals running across the wall above the beds have a captivating style to them.

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Head to Palm Springs for a Fabulous Winter RV Vacation

It is time for a winter getaway with the family!  Taking an RV into the Palm Springs area is a great way to experience some of the best the desert valley has to offer.  It is just plain fun to get out there on the open road and discover what is waiting for you.  Whether it is some quiet solitude surrounded by the beauty of the San Jacinto Mountains or the special bonds that develop while hiking diverse landscapes with friends and family, you will find it all right here in and around Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree National Park

The first thing to do while in town is take the Palm Springs Tram so you can see the vistas spread out before you of the Chino Canyon and the desert valley floor.  The hiking trails at the top of the San Jacinto Mountains let you get into the groove of the area’s natural beauty.

A day trip that you may wish to take from Palm Springs is the one to Joshua Tree National Park. With 800,000 acres of high and low desert, you will see how very special this spot is.  When

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